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The most famous thermal bath of Europe can be found in Hévíz, next to the capital of Balaton. The fountain of Hévíz springs from the bottom of the mountains of Keszthely that supplies the 38 degree hot thermal water for the bath. The sulphurous water and its mud is perfect for healing locomotor and nervous system disorders.

Héviz is located on the West coast of Balaton 6 kilometers from Keszthely. The lake, from which the city gained its name, is situated in the valley between Keszthelyi- and Zalavári-ridges. The city has an extraordinary climate in the area, thanks to its location and its geographical conditions, its temperature is well-balanced.

Hévíz - Tófürdő Hévíz - Tófürdő Hévíz - Tófürdő heviz04t.jpg Hévíz - Tófürdő

The history of the lake with warm water goes back to the Roman- and the Árpádian Age however the settlement and its surroundings is known to be inhabited already from the Stone Age. The construction and developing of the thermal bath has been initiated by count Festetics György. Later the continuous increase of the number of guests demanded a progressive extension of the thermal bath in Hévíz and the development of the city.

Program facilities in the area:

  • Thermal bath (Hévíz and Kehidakustány)
  • Excursion to the Egeregy-church  from the Árpádian Age
  • Excursion to the garden of ruins from the Roman Age
  • The wine street of Egeregy
  • Local museum of Hévíz
  • Gallery of Hévíz
  • Excursions to castles from the Middle Age: Rezi, Tátika, Sümeg
  • Flight and hot air balloon excursions
  • Golf courses
  • Horse stable
  • Entertainment bath (Kehidakustány 12 km)


   Napfény Apartmanház
   8380 Hévíz
   Kisfaludy utca 35.
   +36 30 303 3034
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