The Napfény Apartment owned by Rittgasser & Müller Ltd. has been built with the aim to provide a formidable, quite accommodation of high standard for those who are desperate for a rest in the district of family houses in Hévíz.

Our flats are ideal for those bigger families arriving for longer period of time as well, who are searching for comfortable and homely accommodation with self-supply.

Our apartments can be booked throughout the whole year.



Your accommodation will be in one of the most beautiful and quiet areas of Hévíz


It is within easy reach of the city center and attractions

Healing lake

The city center, the Healing Lake and many sights of the city can be easily reached on foot or in a few minutes by car.

Napfény Apartmanház

8380 Hévíz
Kisfaludy utca 35.
+36 (30) 303 3034

OUR Apartments

4 pieces of 1-room-apartement
2 pieces of 2-room-apartement
2 pieces of 3-room-apartement


The guests are well received in two three-storey and one one-storey building. For the accommodation the following possibilities are given:

  • 8 pieces of 1-room-apartment
  • 4 pieces of 2-room-apartment
  • 4 pieces of 3-room-apartment

Spare beds are provided upon request.

The apartments are with all modern conveniences and with a fully equipped kitchen (microwave, coffee machine, water kettle, fridge, pots), the bathrooms have shower and hair-dryer. Each apartment features a terrace. All rooms are furnished with cable TVs and fire-alarms.

Free WiFi Internet access.


We can offer the following complementary services:

Finnish sauna and infrasauna with light theraphy

Free transfer from Balaton-West Airport, Sármellék and from train and bus station in Keszthely, respectively. (in case of a minimum 1-week-long stay)


One-room, double bed appartement with a kitchen and a bathroom

2 persons 12 Euro/person/night
1 person 16 Euro/person/night

2 or 3 room appartements with a kitchen, a bathroom

5 persons 10 Euro/person/night
4 persons 11 Euro/person/night
3 persons 12 Euro/person/night
2 persons 14 Euro/person/night
1 person 19 Euro/person/night

For child between 0-6: free of charge
Between 6-12: 8 Euro/night 

Spare bed: 7 Euro/person/night
Tourist Tax: 1,5 Euro/person/night, between the age of 18-70

Contact Us

Address: 8380 Hévíz, Kisfaludy utca 35.


Telefone: +36 30 303 3034

Fax: +36 79 323 818


You can order our services throught this page


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From abroad

From direction Vienna-Sopron: leaving the A1 motorway following the A3 to Eisenstadt, the driver arrives at the boarder of Sopron. From here the road 84 leads trough Ukk and Sümeg to Balatonederics. Direction west, following the highway 71, crossing Keszthely, Héviz can be reached.

From Slovenia: from Lendava/ Lenti take highway 75.

From Croatia: on the highway E71 is the city to be reached.

By airplane: only 13 kilometers from “Fly Balaton” Airport operating in Sármellék, which receives scheduled and charter flights as well. Upon individual request the airport provides rental car and buses and transports its passenger to a destination. Those arriving to Budapest-Ferihegy can reach the city of Héviz directly by scheduled buses.

Google Maps: Hévíz
Google Maps: Wien -> Hévíz
Google Maps: Graz -> Hévíz

From inland

From Budapest by car: on M7 motorway till Balatonkeresztúr, from there through Keszthely direction Hévíz.

From Pécs by car: on highway 66 till Kaposvár – on 67 till Fonyód – from there following the southern coasts trough Keszthely till Hévíz.

From Szeged by car: on highway 5 till Bátaszék – through Bonyhád till Dombóvár – from there on highway 61 till Böhönye – then through Marcali and Keszthely till Hévíz.

Traveling by train: Hévíz does not have any direct railway connection. Passengers can reach the city from the two nearest railway stations, Keszthely and Balatongyörök by bus.

Distances Hévíz
Budapest 180km
Debrecen 420km
Pécs 155km
Sopron 125km
Szeged 360km
Zalaegerszeg 35km

If you are already in Hévíz

Hévíz – Napfény apartmanház, Kisfaludy u. 35.Distance from lake: 1000m
Distance from restaurant: 200m
Distance from shop: 200m

The sight-seeing small trains (called Dottó) are passing the street of the apartment and are operating from April till October. They transport passengers beyond the route crossing the streets of the city center, the sights of the area also to the “Egregy” wine excursion in the popular entertainment part of city Hévíz.


    Our Partners

    Have resort to our partner’s services with reduced prices:

    10 % discount
    8380 Hévíz, Kossuth Lajos utca 7.   
    Phone: +36 (83) 343 280

    Cosmetics, hairdresser, pedicure, manicure, piercing  
    15 % discount
    8380 Hévíz, Büki út 2. (at roundabout)   
    Phone: +36 (30) 6039645
    Phone: +36 (70) 2028181


    8380 Hévíz, Széchenyi út 43. (at roundabout)        
    10 % discount
    Phone: +36 (83) 540 180 

    8380 Hévíz, Széchenyi u. 76.
    10 % discount
    Phone: +36 (83) 340 717

    8380 Hévíz, Dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány 1.
    10 % discount
    Phone: +36 (83) 501 700

    About Hévíz

    The most famous thermal bath of Europe can be found in Hévíz, next to the capital of Balaton. The fountain of Hévíz springs from the bottom of the mountains of Keszthely that supplies the 38 degree hot thermal water for the bath. The sulphurous water and its mud is perfect for healing locomotor and nervous system disorders.

    Héviz is located on the West coast of Balaton 6 kilometers from Keszthely. The lake, from which the city gained its name, is situated in the valley between Keszthelyi- and Zalavári-ridges. The city has an extraordinary climate in the area, thanks to its location and its geographical conditions, its temperature is well-balanced.


    The history of the lake with warm water goes back to the Roman- and the Árpádian Age however the settlement and its surroundings is known to be inhabited already from the Stone Age. The construction and developing of the thermal bath has been initiated by count Festetics György. Later the continuous increase of the number of guests demanded a progressive extension of the thermal bath in Hévíz and the development of the city.

    Program facilities in the area:

    • Thermal bath (Hévíz and Kehidakustány)
    • Excursion to the Egeregy-church  from the Árpádian Age
    • Excursion to the garden of ruins from the Roman Age
    • The wine street of Egeregy
    • Local museum of Hévíz
    • Gallery of Hévíz
    • Excursions to castles from the Middle Age: Rezi, Tátika, Sümeg
    • Flight and hot air balloon excursions
    • Golf courses
    • Horse stable
    • Entertainment bath (Kehidakustány 12 km)